Phoenix, has chosen to be specialized on intelligent reading, and it is offering you i-ebooks in appstore.

What is an i-ebook?

I-ebook stands for interactive electronic book. This is a new concept aiming "to give it life" by the incorporation, into each page, a button "Ask Author".

The reader may use this button to ask the questions that he wants, directly to the author, on all aspects approached in the book or on related aspects.

The button is connected to a database accessed permanently by the author who will answer questions posed by the reader.

The evolution from a static reading towards a dynamic, interactive reading and, therefore "intelligent", becomes so, available to everyone.

Any reader will be able, by this means, to ask the author for explanations and to dialogue or discuss with him.

 Available Languages versions  and books :

We have currently English version of the book "One God = One religion" and working for other versions in other languages as well as for other books.



Application features:

The application consists of the book text and the reader software. We have imbedded into the application reader the features that make any user feel good and comfortable when reading the book. In fact the reader can choose different font sizes, font families, font styles, text colors, background colors.

The user can mark any page of the book to interrupt the reading and back to this page in other time by seeing "my marked" buttons

The most attractive feature in this application is of course the "ask author" button, which allow you to ask the book author any question you want.


We wait for your feedback and questions:

We are pleased to get your feedback concerning the concept of i-ebook, the application features or any other aspect.

Your feedback is quiet important for us to improve our product and reach your expectations and needs.